Geospatial & Software Development Services

We are a proactive and flexible team, working to create the right solution for our clients.

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  • Combing the diverse experience and expertise of our team with the institutional knowledge of our clients yields “right sized” solutions.
  • We are creative, agile problem solvers who constantly adapt and innovate. Our “can do” attitude finds opportunities in every situation.
  • Our business first focus allows us to address complex challenges effectively. 
  • Our achievements are reflected through the success of our clients, our employee owners, and the strength of our communities.
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We are a collaborative and dependable team of technology experts who strive to make a difference by providing high-quality work coupled with an unparalleled commitment of service to our customers.

Who is the JMT Technology Group?

Part of the larger Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc (JMT), we are a diverse group of geospatial and information technology professionals who work side by side with our engineering, architecture, and construction partners to create an immediate and measurable return on investment for our clients. 

Meet Our Leaders
Are you interested in joining our team? Our employees hold a wide range of degrees and certifications with unique experiences that lend to our success. Our degrees include:
  1. Applied Physics (Geophysics Option)
  2. Applied Science, Computer Programming
  3. AutoCAD Design and Customization
  4. Biology
  5. Bioscience
  6. Business Management
  7. Chemical Engineering
  8. Civil Engineering
  9. Communication
  10. Community Planning
  11. Computer Forensics
  12. Computer Science
  13. Consumer Psychology
  14. Consumer Science
  15. Criminal Justice
  16. Cybersecurity Technology
  17. Data Science
  18. Economics
  19. Education - Curriculum & Instruction
  20. Environmental Health
  21. Environmental Land Use Planning
  22. Environmental Planning and Design/Geomatics
  23. Environmental Science & Policy
  24. Environmental Studies
  25. Environmental Sustainability
  26. Fine Art
  27. Forest Science
  28. Game Design and Development
  29. Geographic Information Systems
  30. Geography
  31. Geography and Environmental Planning
  32. Geography and Environmental Systems
  33. Graphic Design
  34. History
  35. Industrial Design
  36. Information Systems Management
  37. Information Technology
  38. Marine Environmental Science
  39. Mathematics
  40. Mechanical Engineering
  41. Music Education
  42. National Security Foreign Affairs
  43. Natural Resource Management
  44. Organizational Leadership
  45. Politics
  46. Process Control Engineering
  47. Psychology
  48. Public and Nonprofit Management
  49. Regional Planning
  50. Sociology
  51. Transportation Planning
  52. Transportation Systems and Urban Infrastructure Studies
  53. Vocal Performance
  54. Wildlife Biology
  55. Writing/English
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