Geospatial & Software Development Services



Your students are smart...is your campus?

SmartCampus is a plug-and-play solution that assists large-scale institutions to determine the what, when and where of physical assets.

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Next Generation 911 Solution

When seconds count, JMT Technology Group is responding to the call. If you are getting ready for Next Generation 911, JMT Technology Group has the solution to help you put out your data fires.

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Virtual Spaces

Meeting and Virtual Tour Solution

With JMT Technology Group's Virtual Spaces you enter a 360-degree panoramic room and explore a virtual space via a self-guided experience. 

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Accessibility Services

Accessibility can be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. JMT Technology Group can guide you through making your content compliant with federal Section 508 and international WCAG guidelines for accessibility.

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Pavement Technology Services 

Is your pavement management program on the right path? JMT Technology Group can provide you with a holistic solution that allows decision-makers to inventory, inspect, and remediate while keeping an eye on costs.

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