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Intelligent Transportation Systems (Service Area)

Across the U.S. and globally, the pursuit of smarter transportation solutions continues. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in modern practice serve as a tool to help public agencies implement their strategies to manage, operate, and control the transportation network (including traffic and incident management). ITS incorporates not only road-based transportation technologies, but also communications to and from vehicles and travelers to support mobility and safety as well as general traveler information. ITS also encompasses technologies to wirelessly collect tolls, user fees, and transit fares without cash, as well as monitor, inspect, and manage freight operations and intermodal facilities.

JMT is known for our strong traffic and ITS infrastructure design capabilities, and we have been supporting the advances in Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), transportation systems management and operations (TSMO), GIS and data analytics. The evolution of both infrastructure and vehicle technologies will impact all aspects of transportation, from traffic and road design to transit to transportation planning (including both regional and corridor strategies) to curbside management, parking, deliveries, and “Complete Streets” developments. Additionally, many technology efforts are being implemented using non-traditional means, including progressive design-build and turnkey procurements. Through JMT’s expanded focus on transportation technology and partnerships, we seek to bring both best practices and innovative approaches to solving state, regional, and local mobility and operations issues.

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