Geospatial & Software Development Services

Traffic Management Dashboard

City of Syracuse


  • Transportation


  • Geospatial Solution Workflows Development
  • GIS Data Integrration
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Integration
  • Data-Informed Decision Tool
  • User Experience Design
  • Configuring COTS

Based on a request to enhance the operational effectiveness of the City of Syracuse’s Traffic Management Center (TMC), JMT Technology Group developed a dashboard to incorporate multiple data sources into a centralized platform. By combining JMT’s expertise in traffic engineering as well as developing and implementing technology solutions, JMT delivered an application built in the city’s Esri ArcGIS Online environment. The solution incorporates multiple real time and near real time data feeds that allow decision makers within the TMC to operate with improved situational awareness. Data feeds in the application include those for traffic incidents, traffic speeds, construction, weather conditions, etc.


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