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Rappahannock AR Bridge Experience


Markets utiltized:

  • Transportation
  • Public Safety
  • Government


  • Analysis, Modeling and Simulation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Public Involvement

JMT Technology Group developed an AR experience that was coupled with a 3D-printed bridge for the Rappahannock Bridge construction project. The printed model displays the key construction aspects of the bridge while the AR experience, through the use of an iPad, allows the viewer to interact with content as it pertains to specific areas of the bridge, see a simulation of traffic on the bridge, and view videos and other public outreach content about the project.

Based on a bridge that JMT designed, CAD files were used to create a physical 3D model to represent the bridge. Using a smart device and the power of augmented reality (AR), JMT Technology Group developed a prototype AR experience that is triggered by pointing a mobile device at a 3D-printed model of the bridge structure. Users can view and inspect the bridge infrastructure, design plans, videos, traffic simulations, and construction documents.

The detailed model data created as part of the design/build plans and stored in Bentley or Autodesk platforms is leveraged to create the 3D assets imported into gaming platforms and utilized to create the 3D printed models. This extends the usage of the client deliverables and project artifacts to be utilized for collaboration and public engagement.

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