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MDOT MAA Asset Management Initiative

Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Aviation Administration

Markets utiltized:

  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Transportation


  • Asset Inventory Analysis
  • Asset Inventory Collection
  • Lifecycle Management Planning
  • Program Management
  • Project Management

JMT Technology Group is assisting MDOT MAA by providing the expertise necessary to strategically align their current data and document management initiatives with formalized asset management policies to establish a complete and integrated system for managing the asset life cycle. JMTTG is providing support to MAA on the following initiatives:

Asset Management Plan: JMT Technology Group is working with MDOT MAA stakeholders to develop a draft asset management plan that meets both MDOT MAA’s strategic goals and MDOT’s strategic goals. MDOT MAA is focusing on the holistic integration of processes, methods, and systems associated with asset management to ensure that they are cohesive with existing airport business practices and policies.

Maximo and GIS Data Scrubbing and Reconciliation: MDOT MAA has used IBM Maximo for many years for work order management across several asset classes but has only recently begun to explore opportunities to use Maximo for lifecycle asset management. In order to take full advantage of Maximo’s functionality and to position the system for integration with MDOT MAA’s expansive GIS, JMTTG is assisting with data scrubbing and reconciliation activities to ensure a single, meaningful, authoritative information source will be available to end-users in an easy-to-use manner.

Maximo/GIS Integration: JMT Technology Group is exploring the options for MDOT MAA to integrate its Maximo database with its Esri GIS database. The link has been identified as a critical component for the adoption of lifecycle asset management practices and to create a true authoritative information system to record the location of assets and each asset’s characteristics. A key decision point will be the ease with which data governance can be established between the two systems to ensure the subject matter experts have control over the appropriate pieces of data.

Lifecycle Data Management: JMT Technology Group has been a partner to MDOT MAA for many years when it comes to engineering records, GIS, and other data. The value of information created at each stage of an asset’s lifecycle is realized when it is effectively handed off to the next phase. As part of the asset management task, JMTTG is working to incorporate lifecycle data processes into MDOT MAA’s planning, design, construction, maintenance, operations, and decommissioning processes, and making data easily accessible to end-users through the various expert systems that MDOT MAA relies upon.

Organizational Change Management: Incorporating lifecycle asset management processes into an organization requires a significant amount of organizational change. Many MDOT MAA employees have seen various asset management initiatives over the years. Unfortunately, these experiences have created distrust among MAA stakeholders. JMT Technology Group has been actively engaging stakeholders to answer questions, address misconceptions, record suggestions, and advocate for lifecycle planning.

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