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Guaranteed Pavement Information System

Philadelphia Streets Department

This project has won an award

Markets utiltized:

  • Transportation
  • Utilities


  • Application Development & Support
  • Custom GIS Tool Development
  • GIS Data Integration

The City of Philadelphia Streets Department is responsible for managing and regulating the roadway right of way within the City. As such, they are required to issue street opening permits, which allow utilities to excavate city streets to install or maintain their infrastructure. The Streets Department is also responsible for paving city-maintained streets and for coordinating work on state-maintained streets. This coordination is currently managed in the Guaranteed Pavement Information System (“GPIS”) and connects departments and organizations in and outside of the city.

JMTTG replaced the legacy GPIS system with a modern, scalable solution. The new system was developed on a Service Oriented N-Tier architecture (SOA) and provides the flexibility, scalability, and interoperability needed to meet both current requirements and future phases of the system. The system is web-based and provides role-based access to the capabilities and content, including features such as project creation, utility clearance notification, and reporting. In addition, an advanced web-based GIS mapping component provides users the ability to perform tasks such as identifying project locations, searching for existing projects, as well as providing tools for conflict identification and management.

Since the implementation of the new GPIS, the permit acquisition time has been reduced from months to weeks and the Department staff has been removed from the conflict resolution process

In 2017 JMT received a Diamond Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for our work on the Guaranteed Pavement Information System.


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