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Custom Driving Simulation


Markets utiltized:

  • Transportation
  • Public Safety


  • Analysis, Modeling and Simulation
  • Public Involvement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • User Experience Design

JMT Technology Group developed a themed driving simulation for use at a transportation conference. The simulation allowed the user to virtually drive a themed character through a model of Baltimore City while collecting coins to achieve the goal of the game. The fastest times are displayed on a leaderboard to encourage booth visitation and increase engagement. 

The simulation immerses you in an experience driving through a digital twin reality mesh of Baltimore using a steering wheel & pedals for the simulator to be as authentic as possible. It uses a reality capture of Baltimore to drive from the Maryland Transit Administration building to the MdQI conference at the Baltimore Convention Center. You drive real streets within the city of Baltimore.

This driving simulator takes reality capture data (such as LiDAR, point clouds, or photogrammetry) and creates interactive visualizations. The simulations aren’t just limited to steering wheel controls, they can be JMT Technology Group‘s virtual spaces platform to help create interactive experiences, simulations, and virtual tours that stakeholders can access via the web with keyboard controls or their mobile devices.


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