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AIRPortal Program Management and Support

MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration

Markets utiltized:

  • Utilities
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Public Safety


  • Application Development & Support
  • Business Analysis
  • Configuring COTS
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • System Architecture
  • Technical Writing
  • User Experience Design

In leading the AIRPortal Program, JMT Technology Group is responsible for recommending and implementing strategy and policy to realize MAA’s vision to make AIRPortal MAA’s central repository for information. As with any new technology being introduced into an organization with well-established policies and procedures, JMTTG engaged stakeholders to re-engineer business processes to take full advantage of the new applications and data access. JMTTG documented the as-is processes and established new processes in several key business areas for engineering, procurement, life safety, operations, and maintenance. This included processes such as data and document flow through the A/E process, the building permit process, the work order/maintenance process, electronic bid documents, and data updates associated with FAA-approved airfield signs and markings plans, computer-aided dispatch (911) data, overnight parking, and gate management data. In many cases, custom, COTS, and SaaS software were involved and needed to be optimally integrated into an existing process that impacted multiple internal and external stakeholders. 

In addition to operating and maintaining the AIRPortal infrastructure and applications, JMTTG recommends improvements to AIRPortal operations and business processes. If approved, JMTTG implements enhancements to AIRPortal and possibly document and implement new business processes. JMTTG also provides oversight and coordination with other consultants who are tasked with AIRPortal modifications and enhancements.

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