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Geospatial & Software Development Services

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Geological Survey working with JMT Technology Group has developed a new web-based application that allows water-well drillers to submit drilling logs and sealing reports online in the state of Ohio.

“The new Water Wells Database application developed by JMT Technology Group furthers the Ohio Geological Survey’s mission of supplying geologic information and services to the public, providing Ohioans with a more interactive, efficient, and accurate platform for accessing the state’s water-well and well-sealing data,” said Craig Nelson, hydrogeologist from the ODNR Division of Geological Survey. “From a user-experience perspective, it is a remarkable advancement over the old system.”

The new database application provides a modern, user-friendly map interface for searching and identifying water-well locations and a substantial back-end validation process that ensures accurate information is being captured about the water wells. The application features a dynamic well-diagramming interface that creates an image of the water well based on data entered. Additionally, the system has integrated with the state’s InnovateOhio platform for statewide single sign-on. The newly developed ODNR Water Wells Database application will allow the ODNR Division of Geological Survey to achieve greater workflow efficiency, the ability to have tighter controls over processing requests, and the opportunity to provide better customer service to Ohio citizens.

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