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Nick DiPaolo Named 2022 Outstanding Public Safety Professional

Nick DiPaolo, GISP and Director of Geospatial Solutions at JMT Technology Group, was selected to receive the NG911 Institute's Outstanding Public Safety Professional Award. He received the award on March 16th at the Annual 911 Award Dinner in DC. The NG911 Institute recognizes extraordinary individuals that have dedicated their lives to aiding those in need, putting the safety of others above all else.

When he isn't leading JMT Technology Group’s geospatial line of business, Nick is a veteran volunteer firefighter and member of his county’s land search and rescue team. He has advanced emergency operations training and has aided his departments in developing GIS-related applications for locating hydrants, routing emergency vehicles, and preplanning. Additionally, Nick is a member of the NENA NG911 GIS Data Model Working Group which consists of 60 people in the United States and Canada who are tasked with reviewing the next GIS model release for NG911.

About Next Generation 911 (NG911)

When Next Generation 911 is implemented, it allows 911 call center operators to not only receive modern communication methods such as text, video, and photo, in addition to voice, but also get better data to pinpoint the location of the emergency. These enhancements to emergency services can be daunting and because of that, the adoption of NG911 across the country has been slow going. In many cases, all the old rules for addressing locations had to be thrown out the window, and new methodologies needed to come into play. JMT Technology Group has helped several counties not only write grants to get funding to make the move to Next Generation 911 but also engage addressing stakeholders, assess current address data layers, identify sub-address opportunities, and develop addressing best practices. JMT Technology Group has developed tools and tips to help expedite the sub-addressing process getting them the reliable addressing data they need faster to better serve their communities. Nick’s passion for public safety coupled with his extensive experience related to geospatial technologies makes him an integral part of our team.


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