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JMT Technology Group is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor as well as an exhibitor (Booth #12) at MAC URISA 2022! This year, Nick DiPaolo, GISP, and Bob Pliszka, PMP, GISP, will be there and available to answer your questions. Check out our presentations and don’t forget to stop by the JMT Technology Group booth for a chance to win great prizes!


Presentation Schedule:

Thursday, October 13, 2:30pm EDT

Nick DiPaolo, GISP, Director of Geospatial Solutions for JMT Technology Group | Address of Success Using a Web-Based Tools to Maintain Addresses for NG911

As part of a Next Gen 911 project for Berks County, PA, JMT Technology Group created a web-based toolkit to support the county's addressing protocol and adhere to best practices for long-term success in maintaining compliance with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) standards.

The toolkit is embedded in an Esri story map which creates one platform to access guidance on addressing policy, protocol, and procedures. Users can confirm if a proposed address or street name is unique and sends those proposed features for review by county staff before the authoritative GIS layers are updated. The tool also performs quality control checks and reports results via a dashboard.

The story map is a self-service tool for local stakeholders to quickly navigate through the guidance and maintain addresses and streets. The presentation will demonstrate how these tools facilitate coordination between the municipalities and county, which is critical for the success of NG911 programs.


Friday, October 14, 12:00pm EDT

Bob Pliszka, PMP, GISP, Vice President and Senior Regional Director for JMT Technology Group | Enhancing Traffic Management Center Effectiveness Using GIS

JMT was awarded a multi-year contract with the City of Syracuse, NY to manage their Traffic Management Center (TMC), supporting the Department of Public Works. The Syracuse TMC identified the need for a tool that could incorporate multiple data sources into one map-based interface to improve situational awareness and make better data-informed decisions. To meet this need, JMT Technology Group developed a web-based transportation dashboard for the TMC inside of the city's Esri ArcGIS Online environment. A significant part of the effort involved identifying and evaluating the various data sources for inclusion in the pilot dashboard including real time and near real-time data. The Syracuse TMC Dashboard is intended to supplement the center's other systems like their Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). This presentation will cover the history of the project, evaluation process for the data sources, a tour of the dashboard, and planned future enhancements.

Nick DiPaolo, GISP, Director of Geospatial Solutions for JMT Technology Group | GIS Technology in Support of Guiderail Collection Prioritization and Asset Management

JMT Technology Group worked with the NJDOT to develop a technology-based approach to inventorying and prioritizing guiderail assets within the Department's jurisdiction. JMTTG worked with the Department to review guiderail design criteria and identify the physical conditions to be collected. The goal was to establish a methodology to document the existing physical conditions and warranting conditions associated with each guiderail assembly, which would then be used to assist in the prioritization of guiderail upgrades. An ArcGIS Online based platform was implemented to provide a unified environment to capture, manage and report on the field collection process. Using a combination of technologies for work management, data collection, post-processing, and online mapping to effectively manage the field assessment and data management operations, the platform allowed staff to perform the work in a cost-effective manner and provided an accurate assessment of field conditions.



MAC URISA 2022 is the largest GIS conference in the Mid-Atlantic region. It is a comprehensive, multi-day conference that showcases outstanding and innovative uses of GIS technologies in our area. The program will provide you with hours of learning and networking opportunities to help you achieve your GIS goals. This year's conference will be held at Resorts Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.

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