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We interviewed Vince to give you the scoop on who he is and what he loves about working for JMT Technology Group. Read on to learn more!  

What do you do at JMT Technology Group? 

My team and I are passionate about making digital experiences that bring together data, technologies, and information in intuitive ways. We use tools like augmented and virtual reality, web applications, interactive maps, gaming engines, and websites to communicate with stakeholders and help teams visualize information for collaboration. We're also focused on making technology approachable and accessible.  

What brought you to JMT Technology Group?

I'd worked with JMT Technology Group as a sub-contractor and enjoyed collaborating with the team. When I came to JMT Technology Group officially, I was the first user experience designer and was interested in the challenge of designing for complex web applications beyond basic informational websites. Since then, we've grown the digital experience team, and everyone here embraces the idea that the user is at the forefront of everything we create.  

What do you like most about JMT Technology Group?

We have a great culture here, JMT Technology Group is a place where people can learn, grow, and balance their personal and professional lives. The people I get to work with authentically care, and I think that's reflected in how we interact with clients as well. Personally, being at JMT has given me the opportunity to build my leadership skills, collaborate with different parts of the business, and work on interesting and innovative projects.  

What type of projects do you like to work on most?

The most rewarding part of what I do is being able to interact with people to understand how our technology solutions can help them, through to seeing them find real value in something we created in their daily work. Even with some of the innovative new technologies we're piloting, we're keeping our focus on the user experience and creating real value in what we're building that users will embrace.  

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into this industry/career?

I'd tell any young designer to be open-minded about where (or with whom) they work. There are many opportunities to apply your creativity and bring value to a company or government organization with design thinking. Coming out of art school, I never would have imagined my design career would lead me to learn so much about things like transportation engineering, oil and gas drilling, chemical weapons disposal, and much more! However, I've been able to find rewarding and meaningful opportunities to apply design and digital media to communicate ideas and information to a wide audience.  

What is something new and exciting that you’re working on?

It's a very exciting time to work in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry where we're seeing a transition to 3D digital delivery and a multitude of new ways to visualize the work we do. We're collaborating across all practices at JMT to pilot digital experiences that bring together geospatial, reality capture, BIM/CIM, and IoT data in platforms like gaming engines and digital twins to help teams work together more efficiently. We're using technologies like augmented and virtual reality on cutting-edge devices like the Apple VisionPro and Microsoft Hololens to allow our staff, clients, and stakeholders to visualize project plans immersively in ways they've never seen before. 


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