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Geospatial & Software Development Services

Members of JMT Technology Group recently spent the day with students from the Building STEPS program, a Baltimore nonprofit that provides supplemental STEM education to bright Baltimore City high school students with the goal of ensuring college completion and career success.

The presentation began with the JMT team sharing their expertise and educational background with the students and reviewing potential technology career paths they could consider. The students then participated in a hands-on GIS activity using Esri Collector to populate a live map. The day ended with the student networking with the JMT team to practice interacting with professionals.

The JMT Technology Group team had nothing but great things to say about the Building STEPS students but the students said it best:


"I learned that engineering is something that is everywhere"


"I learned that I could incorporate arts and science into a career I might want to pursue"


"I learned that all the people in the company work together to get one job done"


"I learned how JMT collects data from different roads and people to improve transportation services"


"My favorite part was relating to the employees during our conversations"


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